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21CU Page A 21st century talent collective
About the theme's author Page I have used this theme for projects that I've worked on as a professional technical writer.
Install Jekyll on Mac Page Installation of Jekyll on Mac is usually less problematic than on Windows. However, you may run into permissions issues with Ruby that you must overcome. You...
Corps Page Rethnk Knowledge Corps
Posts Page You can use posts when you want to create blogs or news type of content.
Release notes 5.0 Page Version 5.0 of the Documentation theme for Jekyll changes some fundamental ways the theme works to provide product-specific sidebars, intended to accommodate...
Release notes 6.0 Page Version 6.0 of the Documentation theme for Jekyll, released July 4, 2016, implements relative links so you can view the files offline or on any server withou...
Sidebar Navigation Page The sidebar navigation uses a jQuery component called Navgoco. The sidebar is a somewhat complex part of the theme that remembers your current page, highligh...
Support Page Contact me for any support issues.
Supported features Page If you're not sure whether Jekyll and this theme will support your requirements, this list provides a semi-comprehensive overview of available features.
Sample post Post This is some summary frontmatter for my sample post.