Objective: 21st century skills , self organising learning environments and learning by contributing.

Learning Programs

They are 2 to 4 week online learning and capability building programs, designed to equip students and early alumni to leverage professional development opportunities.

We have 3 types of learning programs:

  • Foundation Learning Program: For picking up 21st century skills (2 week)
  • Flagship Learning Program: For equipping you to work towards your long term goals
  • Advanced Learning Program: For equipping you to navigate the professional work world.

If you are interested in participating in one of our learning programs, go ahead and fill the form below.

21st skills program

Learning how to learn is a key 21st century skill

People can learn on their own just by having access to internet

People can master complex subjects as well by learning on their own

Learning outcomes improve in the presence of a facilitator

The facilitator need not be proficient in the subject matter learned (what we refer to as the ammachi effect)

Opportunities come via networks

Projects are a better way to pick up execution skills, employability skill and connections

Enhancing probably of you reaching your long term goals: having a long term goal & peer learning circle (2 - 3 people), coaches & mentors, making weekly and consistent progress and a bit of hustle.

Quality is in the review

Your aspirations are a function of your knowledge. (and your ignorance)

Your aspirations are a function of your exposure.

Your plans a functions of your skills.

Self efficacy

Reputation, Networks, Transparent work

saarang sumesh questions approach

21c skills, frameworks


learning program - long term goal - achieve

v@r - Sugata Mitra - School in the cloud - Facilitator role

  • Learning Programs
  • Exposure
  • Capability building
  • community of learners
  • learn rethink/learning frameworks
  • learn 21C skills (getting things done)
  • work ethic
  • confidence, self-belief
  • WIT

All participants of learning programs are mandatorily expected to contribute in our subsequent learning programs.

Exposure Scholarships

  • WIT Scholarships

Story so far, meet our learners, where do we wish to take it from here

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