Learning by contributing

Cognitive contributions

Those who believe in the work that we do, we encourage that you join hands with our efforts.


Help us discover opportunities and talent


You may contribute in any one or more of the following manner. Help us in:

  1. Discovering Opportunities
  2. Curating our knowledge project
  3. Discovering and encouraging talent
  4. Coaching and guiding participants of our Learning Programs
  5. Building and maintaining our tech infrastructure
  6. Discovering financial backers for our efforts


We are looking for people with social DNA to be a part of our Corps program. We wish to have people who have the willingness and the ability to contribute. We wish that all in our Corps program

we prefer that people who wish to be part of our knowledge corps participate in learning program prior to working with us.


Clay Shirky - Cognitive Surplus

Benefits of volunteering <image> - pick professional skills

model on the lines of Americorps

Purpose - Contribution in everyday life

Existing projects

1. Bot

2. Script

3. Interviews

4. Wiki curation

5. Encouragement

6. tutorials

Things we need help with - twitter thread

Intervention projects

  • Email Project
  • Alumni Project
  • Opportunity Project
  • WIT
  • Scholarships
  • Exposure project
  • Welcome to the Real World 101 - Connectivity and Mobility