Rethink Foundation Summary
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About Rethink

Rethink is a platform that facilitates the creation of a 21st century talent collective. The key objective of all our efforts is to facilitate exposure and capability building. We do this by providing information, guidance and encouragement to students and early alumni to pursue opportunities for professional growth.

We look to positively impact the economic and social outcomes of society. We endeavour to create information literate and civic literate citizenry. We look to achieve this through facilitating the creation of public goods, 21st century learning skills & learning environments. Public goods are created by people in our learner & Corps programs.

Learning Programs

Our key offering is our learning program. Our learning programs are open to all. Objective is to boost employability of the learners and equip them to create valuable contributions to the economy.

We run two key learning programs:

  • 21CU Foundation Learning Program
  • 21CU Flagship Learning Program

21CU Foundation Learning Program

This program aims to equip learners with

  • Information literacy - <>
  • Meta learning - Learning how to learn
  • Ability to contribute

21CU Flagship Learning Program

This program aims to equip learners with the

  • Ctitical Thinking
  • Communication (Connect)
  • Self-efficacy, Professional development plan creation

Civic Literacy - Contribution

Program Details

Program Pre-requisites

It is mandatory that you have:

  • Access to a laptop/desktop
  • Access to reliable internet connection
  • A telegram account
  • A working email address

Our learning program will be conducted online. All our key communication will be facilitated over email and our discussions will happen on telegram and discourse, which is why it is imperative that you regularly check your email inbox and also have a telegram account.

Feel free to apply if,

  • You’re interested in impacting your career outcomes
  • You’re committed to your professional development
  • You’re open and willing to share your learning and experiences

In the program, we will cover,

  • Discovering, validatin and applying to Opportunities
  • Building an Online Presence
  • Publishing a tech project
  • Personal Productivity
  • Improving your professional network
  • Critical Thinking

What you can expect is a series of fun activities to understand each of the topics above. You will learn how to learn on your own, learn by doing, collaborating and critical thinking. You will also have access to guides and coaches, who are graduates of our learning programs.

During the program, you will be expected to

  • Actively participate in all discussions and activities.
  • Maintain weekly TWTWs. (TWTW stands for The Week That Was and is a summary of your learning and experiences through the week. Checkout some sample TWTWs here)

Program Fee

The program fee is INR 0.00. But you pay through cognitive contributions.

We expect our learning program students to be willing and able to make knowledge contributins. Throughout the program, you will be picking up skills that will equip you to contribute to our knowledge wiki.At the end of the learning program, all learners will be required to show intent of contribution for a duration of 2 weeks. This includes actively creating knowledge contributions in the form of open shourcing learning, creating tutorials and interviews. Your contributions throughout and after the program are required for you to graduate from the learning program and continue to be a part of the learning collective.


We are currently inviting applications for our 21CU Flagship Learning Program. All applicants applying to the program will go through a selection process and all those who successfully complete the selection process will make it to the program.

Program Anchor


Arya is a 2015 WeTech Qualcomm Global Scholar and a 2016 GHCI Scholar.Since 2017, she has been leading the Opportunity Project at Rethink where she facilitates guidance and support to students and help them avail various opportunities at their disposal. So far, the Opportunity Project has touched over 7000+ students who have collectively applied to opportunities worth INR 6 Crores and secured opportunities worth INR 1 Crore.